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The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale

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RM470.00 MYR

    We are stringent about the condition of the decks we sell. There are a few that does not make the cut as some imperfections can be found such as no cellophane, slightly dinged corner, heavy creasing, etc. Although they might not be as perfect, the cards still smell crazily fresh and are perfectly fine!

    This is a great opportunity for pro users like yourself who uses a deck of cards everyday to get high-valued decks at a fraction of its cost.

    You will receive 12 different decks given randomly in a brick box. Protector sleeve will not be included.


    Decks included in this sale

    4 Jaqk T11 Blue
    5 Jaqk black
    3 Jaqk Purple
    2 Jaqk Red
    2 5th Laurel
    3 Rarebit Copper
    1 Bee Stinger Red
    3 Monarchs V1
    2 Love Me old T11 Logo
    3 Star Wars Black
    3 Bicycle Steampunk old T11 Logo
    1 Silver Monarch
    2 Harry Potter Blue
    2 Black Panther
    1 World of Coca Cola Las Vegas
    1 Bee Blue
    1 Bicycle Black Warrior
    1 Bicycle Robocycle Blue
    1 Bicycle Robocycle Black
    1 Bicycle Orange
    6 Bicycle Eclipse
    1 Bicycle The Grid
    2 Bicycle Hello Kitty
    7 Bicycle Naruto
    1 Bicycle Professional Skull & Bones Red
    1 Bicycle The Yellow Deck
    1 Bicycle Blue Ice Deck
    1 Bicycle Truth Garden 04
    1 Bicycle Viking Iron Scale
    1 Bicycle Tactical Field
    1 Bicycle leaf Back Red
    1 Bicycle Elephant
    1 Bicycle Irregular
    1 Bicycle Sideshow Freaks
    1 Bicycle Silver Fashion
    1 Bicycle Pinochle Red
    1 Bicycle Pinochle Blue
    2 Bicycle Heritage Series Pneumatic #1
    1 Bicycle Asura Red
    1 Bicycle Vision v1
    1 Bicycle Zodiac
    1 Bicycle Magic Set 20 Tricks
    1 Bicycle 8-bit Pixelated Black
    1 Bicycle 8-bit Pixelated Original Black
    2 Bicycle 8-bit Pixelated Black
    2 Bicycle Tinker
    2 Bicycle Tinker Rusty
    2 Steamunk by Brahma
    4 Moonshine
    1 Article by Missing
    1 Origins First Edition
    1 Axis Allied Global Unrest
    1 Svngali 06 Skull & Dagger
    1 Fantastique
    1 Harley Davidson
    1 Pro XCM Dominion V2
    6 Blades Silver Edition
    5 Red Verve
    4 Pro XCM Purple
    1 Exquisite
    2 Card Masters Gilded Gold Seal
    4 Card Masters Blue Seal
    1 London Silver
    3 Phoenix 2012 Apocalypse
    5 Singularity
    2 Atelier
    1 Vortex
    1 Massa
    1 Vanda Gold
    1 Titans
    1 Bicycle Black Tiger White Pips UV500
    1 Hellions V1
    1 White Rounders
    1 Steelers
    1 Black Artifice
    3 Executive
    1 Infinity V1
    2 Kings Gold
    1 Blue LTD
    1 Purple LTD
    1 Purple Hustlers
    1 Orange Hustlers
    3 Fathom V1
    3 Sultan Republic

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    Free Goodies

    All orders include a seasonal Thank You card and ultra-cool Cardvo stickers!

    Sometimes we may include some little surprises as well! 😎

    Secured Packaging

    We pack all cards in clear cases with multi-layers of protection to ensure safe arrival!

    *Some odd-size or thicker decks like most designers' decks will not be able to fit. In such cases, we will use more bubble wrap to ensure sufficient protection.

    Delivery & Return

    Affordable worldwide shipping options are available.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we do accept returns. Please refer to our FAQs

    The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale
    The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale
    The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale
    The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale
    The Perfectly Fine Brick Sale
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mario Boni
    It's worth it!

    Many unknow playing card decks.

    Cheap decks

    Decks are cheap and good. But some decks are the same just in a different colour.